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I've played with and researched all of the Instagram automation There's no pressure to continue or anything that locks you into an automatic renewal. to pick and choose from: an Instagram bot that handles likes, follows.
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Running multiple Instagram business accounts can be a hassle. With Likegrowers I get genuinely interested people and all of this happens automatically. Very effective Tool. Fantastic Instagram auto liker to gain real followers. Love the service. We use this as a strategic part of our Instagram business page. Helped us to reach the right audience. More reviews. Business case. For Businesses. Find your audience. Our service will help you reach out to right people. Tell your story. Spread the brand awareness to your potential clients. Grow your business. Increase engagement and convert your followers into leads.

Boostfy had the type of software to make sure your engagement was getting done the right way. When one goes another one springs up. Gramista boasts on its website that it is a simple, effective service.

2. Set your promotion actions.

While this can be great for people who want a quick following boost, limited features can be a big turnoff to the average user. Despite not having all of the same features as other bots, Gramista does make growing a following easy. While the bot can only like, follow, and unfollow, it is equipped with some smart features. A special Smart Mode makes it so none of your current friends are unfollowed, only the people the bot has added.

A blacklist also helps you stay in control over your service, ensuring you never accidentally follow the wrong person! The goal of Gramista is to mimic real human behaviour, rather than following as many people as possible. This helps you effectively reach your target audience without looking like a spammer. Instead, you will need to connect your account directly to the service. While this could cause Instagram to flag your account, lower activity levels can make your account less suspicious. The service has been specifically designed for long-term use, so many of these safety concerns have been addressed.

A short free trial is available to help you see how Gramista works. If you already know what hashtags you want to follow and like, the process can be completed in a few minutes.

The biggest downsides of Gramista are the lack of features and the high cost. Like other bots, Gramista uses a subscription-based pricing system. Unfortunately, their pricing makes it cost prohibitive to the average person. Gramista has the same problems a lot of the basic like, follow and unfollow bots have.

If you are going to pay a lot of money for an Instagram bot, then you really should have access to a lot of advanced features. Look at how many people got banned using Instagress. Instamacro only offers follow, unfollow and like services, but allows you to instantly shut off any of the services. Like other bots, Instamacro works by targeting updates based on hashtags.

It is completely automated with very few controls. After signing up for an account, you can start running the service.

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If you have any trouble, the website has plenty of tutorials and some support services. There are no downloads involved with Instamacro, making it very convenient to use. The only problem is that safety can be a concern.

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If your account is too active, it could get banned by Instagram. Multiple speed settings are available to help you mimic real human behavior. Slow settings make your account look like it is growing naturally. While Instamacro does offer a 5-hour free trial, you might not see any results you want within the short time frame. If you do choose to use the service after the free trial, it can be very costly. You can literally hire a human on Fiverr or elsewhere to manage your account for you at these prices.

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Instamacro is an OK tool, but it is very basic when compared to other services available. While the website looks nice and is updated regularly, most people will find that there are better options at lower prices.

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InstaQ is a tool that automates your Instagram actions. Instagram, and all social media sites use special programming designed to detect bots. InstaQ emulates real-user behaviour, reducing the risk of getting flagged or banned by Instagram. Being a member of InstaQ also provides you with access to their private forums that include several tutorials, exclusive tools and marketing materials. It does also provide a large amount of features for the money. It does have a lot of features to justify the price — just make sure you get the lifetime license to make it cost effective.

Update November 27th I no longer recommend this bot. You can automatically like, follow, unfollow, comment or message users based on hashtags in your niche. The tool and tutorials are available in multiple languages which is nice if you are a non-native English speaker. Online customer support is also available, making it easy to ask questions.

Powerful features

The idea is that if you improve the speed of your robot, you improve your results. Because the tool is very simple, once you understand the basics, you can customise the bot to suit your needs quite easily. Instazood may not have the strong features of Follow Adder, but it is still an ok pick due to its price and ease of setup. The service offers several different packages to choose from: Basic, Comment Tracker and Direct Message. You can choose the one you need or add all three depending on your needs. Each one offers a 3-day free trial, so you can easily see which service level will best meet your botting needs.

You can change this level at any time, making Instazood perfect for those still trying to identify their ideal formula. Whilst not as cheap as Follow Adder, Instazood is definitely on the lower end of pricing.

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Safety is a big concern when dealing with an Instagram bot. No one wants to risk losing their account because they trusted the wrong service. I would always recommend using a bot you download rather than a web based one — but if you insist… then use this one. There are, of course, plenty of other Instagram bots, services and websites where you can outright buy Instagram followers. Most are copycats of each other and offering similar features. In short — yes. At this point, instagram bots might sound too good to be true. The truth is that new tools are constantly growing and evolving to resolve the issues that concern you the most.

A free trial of one of the top Instagram bots mentioned here will help you make an informed decision about whether this option is right for you or your business. Overall, you will gain more followers and you will learn more about how to boost your use of Instagram for marketing purposes.

Buying followers is useless because it will push your number of followers up but you will get zero engagement from them because they are fake accounts.