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This tutorial contains instructions to resolve the Outlook for MAC Search Not Working and returns No Results issue (Outlook for Mac , Outlook for Mac
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You may find that the search function inside Apple Mail is not working after upgrading to El Capitan.

Outlook for Mac: How to rebuild search indexes

You may also be experiencing incomplete results when searching inside Mail. These instructions can be followed for other versions of OSX and should work but as new versions of OSX are rolled out the locations may change. What this will do is disable indexing in Spotlight for your computer.

Wait a couple of minutes and then remove your OSX disk out of the privacy options. Open up Spotlight and start typing something — you will see that Spotlight is reindexing your computer — this could take a while.

SOLVED: Outlook 2016 - Search not working (Mac / Office 365)

Or as happened to someone I work with, check the Spotlight tab to see if it is set to Icon only. Hello, old thread here, but how to you change the Spotlight Tab mentioned above to show NOT just the icon? This actually worked for me after upgrading to El Capitan, spotlight searches were incomplete or not working properly. I removed the hard drive from the search, waited a few minutes and added it back in.

My problem now appears to be fixed.

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I have been fighting with this for months! I did.

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However it seemed to me that was like shouting into the wind. But yeah, the search is pretty terrible.

How to get Citrix Files for Outlook – Mac

Not even that utility will fix it sometimes. Giving it a try. Microsoft support apparently never heard of this utility. Copy and paste the following location into the "Go to the folder:" dialog box and click Go:. Once added, wait a minute and then remove the folder by selecting it and clicking the minus sign at the bottom , and Spotlight will re-index the folder.

Repair Outlook with these tips

Note: You must perform this step for any additional profile folders you may have. Depending on the size it might be a while. Wait for about an hour then try and performing a search in Outlook once more.

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Continue this thread. Hopeful but a whole lot of nope. I read it was an Apple issue and they expect Thanks for the info. Same issue.