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Jan 15, We've listed our top 12 Quicken alternatives to help you find a suitable Banktivity is a personal money manager made for Mac users.
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It is an online budgeting and money management tool. It comes in both a free and paid version. The paid version adds, among other things, online connectivity to your financial institutions.

5 Much Better Alternatives To Quicken And Mint

The budget is broken down into categories, such as housing, transportation, and food. You can customize expense categories. Without the paid version, however, it's an entirely manual process.

For those following Dave's Baby Steps, they are integrated into the budget. The last Mint and Quicken alternative on our list is PowerWallet. This online budget tool enables you to link bank accounts, credit cards, loans, and investment accounts. I was unable to link a retirement account at Fidelity and credit cards from Citi. PowerWallet uses a cash flow model of budgeting. In the dashboard, it shows your cash inflows, outflows, and what's left. It also highlights your top spending categories. One persistent problem with all personal finance software is issues connecting to financial institutions.

I have yet to use one that didn't have at least one or two problems.

What Are The Best Alternatives To Quicken?

I've found Personal Capital to be the one tool with the fewest problems. But you should expect to encounter some connectivity issues regardless of which tool you use. It does use an advertising model for revenue, so be prepared to see some advertisements. Rob Berger founded Doughroller. I am an investor, lawyer, blogger, husband, father, and Buckeye fanatic. I graduated in from law school and have worked in private practice, in-house for a publicly traded company, and for a regulator in the securities industry.

I've written about building wealth Oct 15, , Rob Berger Forbes Staff. Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin I have fond memories of using Quicken. I fear that is asking too much. Why not a laser printer? Those checks come 3 to a sheet and most laser printers will not allow a single check to advance through the printer. On the flip side check reading equipment in the banking industry probably will not read the account and routing numbers printed with the ribbon in dot matrix printers.

Oh, what to do??? Mine all offer it for free. Works fine. Yes, I have to login, but. You were basically sending a scheduled transaction to your checking account bank. Essentially telling your bank to send it at a specified date.

Our Best Picks

Simply put, I scheduled ALL my bill payments through the Quicken software for years and it never cost me a dime. With Mint you can change transaction dates when needed for budgeting alignment. For us who receive a 1st of the month paycheck, which usually posts early when the 1st falls on a weekend or holiday non-banking day , the inability to change the date completely messes up the ending month and next month budgets. Happens about 3 times a year. Or what if I make an ATM withdrawal on or near the last day of the month but want it to hit the next month where it will be spent?

This makes Personal Finance PC worthless for budgeting.

12 Best Quicken Alternatives This Year (Some of Them are Free!)

The change transaction date feature has been requested for years and PC ignores it. Poor customer service in my opinion. No thanks to PC. Can I say that a program that was once very good is now something I despise? Apparently Quicken is not allowing an import of QFX files. Another push toward their rental policy! Who ever the heck owns the program these days deserves a loss of revenue and a lower stock price.

8 Alternatives to Using Quicken

Have selected a software other than Quicken? If so, who have you selected. Everything I see is pointing to Personal Capitol but I have my concerns. So everyone who was a long time Quicken user hates the new subscription arrangement and is looking for alternatives. Is there anything that will take care of the simple needs of a retiree that has forsaken the usual retirement model, hunkered down to SS and an odd job and frugal living, no investments, volunteer work? I just want to keep track of my income and expenses — for free. Google Sheets — a spreadsheet if your needs are that simple.

The program has value that they should be able to earn a return on. All the programs out there are going this way. Office, etc. I get it. I want a simple program that lets me download the transaction data from my bank into an easily readable register. I am still using Quicken That, in my opinion, was the last usable version of quicken. I bought a couple of other versions but they were terrible. The new subscription model is a no go for me.

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I have yet to find a suitable alternative to Quicken. Most want you to store everything on their severs. NO WAY! I have started writing my own software as nothing exists. My sentiments exactly. Each new version got worse and worse. And, buggy. I use and the clipboard copy interaction stops working after about 30 minutes. You can continue to use the software forever, without the downloading of stock prices and use of Quick Pay.

Same boat. Moneydance imports Quicken files easily.